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Information on Au Pair, Mother's Help and Nanny Agencies

You will find employment agencies specializing in Au Pair, Mother's Help and nanny job searches in almost every country. In some countries, such as those of the European Union and Switzerland, they are well regulated. But in others, you have to be careful when you look for a job through them.

Some of these agencies are members of professional associations. Though, in general, these Associations tend to be weak and not very good at enforcing their own rules. Therefore, whichever agency you choose for helping you to find a job, inquire clearly about their rules and their costs to you as the job seeker or the family looking for an Au Pair. Generally, agencies do not charge persons looking for jobs.

Though, there are exceptions to this, especially in the USA! A lot of the fee income of USA agencies comes from the same of so-called training to prospective au-pairs, which by law, they have to undergo.

The main income for agencies oin Europe is from the fees they charge to the families, seeking Au Pairs.

Some agencies have well developed centers for helping Au Pairs to find language schools and generally help sort out problems that might arise between people of different cultures, living in close proximity to each other. Other agencies simply act as the intermediary for a job search. As a rule, agencies can be a great help when you are a stranger in a country, not knowing all the social rules and conventions and, maybe, facing some misunderstanding between yourself and your host family!

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Whether you are an Au Pair or the host family, the more information you have, about what to expect, the smoother the relationship with an Au Pair. It should, after all, for both parties, be a pleasant experience, not one, one would rather like to forget!

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